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eCamp 2016 A New Hope  is almost here!

eCamp debuted in 2004 with 320 campers and leaders and this year e-camp Is set to be bigger and better than ever
How did eCamp come about?

Intermediate age is sometimes a “fall through the cracks” age in our churches, so we wanted to put together a camp that would compliment and enhance whatever is happening in your church with this age group. Our emphasis is on the local church bringing their local young people to a camp with age appropriate speakers, worship and full of FUN!! We also hope it is a camp that caters for all sorts – for big youth groups or for groups with a couple of young people and someone’s Mum who will bring them along, your churched young people or your community young people. Whether you like a quiet dinner celebration or a large knees up shindig this camp is for you. For you, we hope it is a camp that you can sign up for, turn up to and then we pray it will have a real benefit for your church and your young people.
SO – put a big circle round Easter in your diary, get some leaders committed and then get your young guys on board!
See you there!


What about the meetings


We also expect that leaders attend meetings and sit with their kids.

We have two main meetings for all campers each day, in the morning and at night. This year’s speaker is Jeremy Suisted. He was our guest speaker a few years back, loves communicating with this age group and has some great things to share with us all.

To complement our speaker we will have a worship team who have experience with this age group and are able to lead them in fantastic, age-appropriate worship.

There is also ‘cabin time.’  Following the morning meeting, cabins meet together to do a short Bible Study, pray and discuss what they are learning. This means that you get to apply what is being talked about to your young people! We hope that leaders will use this as a time to get to know their campers on a deeper level.


Rego forms and Leaders information has now been sent

To all the Churches that we have on our mailing list so if you have not received any check at your church office or let us know and we can get a sent sent out to you. We will also have additional forms available on the downloads page so you can print as many as you need. Get your group together now and dont forget these important dates. Next important dates is 6 March when you need to have your forms back from your campers.

The organisation for camp is beginning to ramp up with all the activities coming together. As always Finlay Park staff are working with us to have the camp in top shape for Easter. Go check out their web site to get an idea of what available.


Leaders booklets

Leaders booklets

300 leaders booklets printed and ready to meet up with the rego forms and then on the way to you. Am I excited yet? Maybe just a little

Important Dates eCamp 2016

These are the dates that are REALLY important for you if you are planning to come to eCamp.

25 Jan 2016 – Regos in the mail and on the way to the youth leaders

6 March 2016 – Collect the registration forms and money before the closing date on the registration forms

9 March – Email the spreadsheet (this will be available at in soon) to Naomi at  Don’t worry if the boxes on the forms aren’t big enough for the information, we  download them into a database, this is just the easiest way for you to send us the  information

25 – 28 March – Be at ecamp for the One in a Million eCamp