Expectations of Leaders and Parents

To be discussed with helpers before camp:
▪ To Respect God
▪ To make the most of the weekend by spending as much time as possible with your young people.
▪ To look out for your young people and your own group of leaders. You are responsible for all those registered under your group’s name. This includes making sure they eat, drink and wear sunscreen!
▪ To aim to keep your young people on time to meetings and respectful during meetings.
▪ To help new members of your group to integrate and feel part of what is going on.
▪ To be available for one ­on ­one ministry to your own young people (be wise about where you meet with the camper).
▪ To ask for help from the eCamp Team if you get out of your depth in any situation.
▪ To respect and co­operate with requests made by the camp staff.
▪ To help the eCamp crew by encouraging your young people to be quiet during sleep time.
▪ To be willing to participate in any extra duties or supervising activities as needed. Especially helping to serve meals.
▪ To attend all leaders meetings. These are held first thing in the morning while your young people enjoy some supervised exercise to kick­start their day.
▪ To not be in cabins or tents alone with campers.
▪ To avoid excessive physical contact with campers (long hugs, dangerous play fighting).

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