What do I do when I arrive at eCamp?

Congratulations that means that you survived the trip with your campers in the bus or car! Well done! Now you have a couple of things to do…..

  1. You will be allowed into the camp area with your vehicle but you will be expected to leave as soon as you have unloaded so drive on in and park where you are directed to. Don’t let your campers wander off. Heard them into a flock or gaggle and get them to wait.
  2. Register your group. If you have a big group it may pay to send a male and female leader. Go to the main dining hall and there will be the registration point. Let them know what group you are from, and of course you will have paid all your regos before you get to camp. You will be given an information pack with all you and your leaders will need for camp including where your group is staying, duties and small group studies. If you are in cabins you will be given the cabin number where you are staying. If you are in tents you will be given “streets” to pitch you tents on, one side for guys one for girls.
  3. Now come the fun part… If you are in cabins, grab your campers and all the gear and go and find your cabin. For tents grab the tents and find your streets, it is really important that we fill the streets as much as possible, please set your tents up as close as possible to the tents already there. Don’t leave gaps as we will have less space for games later on in the camp. Please keep off the marked roads. Pitch the tents and organize the beds and then you are good to go.
  4. As soon as you have unpacked the vehicles please follow the directions and move them to the carpark. They will be locked in the paddock and access will be restricted to them so make sure you have everything that you need for camp out of the car. Please move them as soon as you can as this time can be a bit chaotic and we really need to move the vehicles as soon as possible.
  5. Hang out with your group until everybody else arrives and the fun begins…. And thanks for coming to ecamp 2018

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