When do Leaders need to have Regos in by?

These are 2 important dates for registration forms and fees

4 March 2018 – Collect the registration forms and money before the closing date on the registration forms

11 March 2016 – Email the spreadsheet (this will be available at ecamp.co.nz in soon) to Naomi at regos@ecamp.co.nz.  Don’t worry if the boxes on the forms aren’t big enough for the information, we  download them into a database, this is just the easiest way for you to send us the  information. Please note, cabin spaces are limited and usually fill up weeks before the closing date. The only way to reserve cabin spaces is to email Naomi your completed spreadsheet while there are still spaces available!

Please note there is a $10 fee added to each camper who pays after the registration date. NO EXCEPTIONS

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