Are you thinking of coming to eCamp for a day visit?
You must pre-register your visit eCamp so we have a record of everybody who is on site. If you do not pre register there may be a significant delay at the gate while we find someone who can accompany you on site.


eCamp 2024 Day visitor policy

All visitors that arrive at eCamp24 from day 2, the Saturday of camp will be expected to have completed and submitted a day visitor registration form online.

Please go to the Finlay Park website, search eCamp24 day visitor, follow the link, fill in the form and submit.

Your form will be emailed directly to  The team on security will have your forms when you arrive. Hardcopy forms will be available at the Security caravan

Failure to submit a form online will slow down your entry to Ecamp.

eCamp24 will be operating a lock in policy, the expectation is that all campers are expected to stay onsite for the duration of the event.

Once day visitors arrive at eCamp24 they will need to wait at security for a leader from your group to come out to the gate and escort them into camp. To save embarrassment and or a timely wait please ensure your contact is at Security for your arrival.

Visitors will not be allowed into camp unescorted

Day visitors are expected to leave the camp no later than lights out.  Any visitor that has a need to stay will need to have planned this in advance with a member of the Ecamp committee and Security must have been notified.

Any camper – Leader – Musician – support staff that needs to leave eCamp24 for any reason will need permission from an eCamp committee member and that committee member will be responsible for notifying the gate crew. The only exception to this policy is the Finlay Park employees and family that are known to the Security team and are easily identifiable.

No entry to the Finlay Park will be permitted after lights out. If someone needs to leave, it is their responsibility to ensure they are back in camp before lights out at 10pm when all gates will be closed.

All committee contacts, maps and programs will be available at various noticeboards within camp and at Security